Kick-off15 May 2022, 1:30pm on pitch Near
RefereeFC Beercelona
Match sheet generated23 May 2022, 4:00pm
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This match sheet should be printed ahead of the match to ensure that only registered players participate and to facilitate accurate recording of the names of scorers.

MJosh Toohey
FKaren Cheung
M(CAPTAIN) Kevin Leong
FKim Collins
FMichelle Hazell
FMichelle Ung
M(CAPTAIN) Todd Lovell
FC About To Get Messi3
Ed McCarthyM1
Erisa HaradaF
Jason YearlingM
Jess Clarence F
Jesse HamblyM1
Katy GriffisF
Kieran Schmidt (CAPTAIN)M
Melanie BurlettF
Michelle ZarbF
Oliver TanM1
Ovi RahmanM
Please note that goals scored by eligible 'ring-in' players from other teams count towards the score but are not added to the player's goal tally and will not appear on this match card.

Rule cheat sheet

  • Record scores, scorers (first name and surname) and incidents) and incidents and submit by logging in to My Sunday Soccer by midday on Monday.
  • Social soccer = no slide tackles, no tackles from behind, no pushing, no barging, no raised arms, no holding players off with arms, no intimidation, no dissent (to referee or players), no complaining, no worries
  • Match duration is 2 x 25-minutes (5-minute half-time)
  • Format is 7-a-side with maximum of 4 male players playing at any time
  • The home team (first listed) kicks-off
  • A team must comprise of at least 5 of their registered players for a result to stand (friendly can still be played)
  • Teams can use up to 2 ring-ins from other Sunday Soccer League teams to make up numbers
  • If conduct is inappropriate, the referee should (1) warn the player, (2) sin-bin the player for 5-minutes
  • If conduct merits it, a player should be sent off by the referee
  • There is no off-side or back-pass rule
  • For penalty kicks if the keeper is female, the penalty must be taken by another female player

Map credit: Google Maps