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The Winter 2022 player leaderboard is available below.

Please note that goals only count when a player scores for their registered team(s).

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Michael CassidyMaleGame of Shazam5
Adrian McKennaMaleNations United4
Conor Carman-de JongMaleNations United3
Ed McCarthyMaleFC About To Get Messi2
James BreenMaleFC Beercelona2
Richard CarterMaleFC Beercelona2
John BrethertonMaleNations United2
Tessa LaversFemaleNations United2
Jesse HamblyMaleFC About To Get Messi1
Oliver TanMaleFC About To Get Messi1
Evan GrimmettMaleNations United1
Erisa HaradaFemaleFC About To Get Messi1
Ovi RahmanMaleFC About To Get Messi1
Bianca ArdlieFemaleFC Beercelona1
michael wensingMaleGame of Shazam1
Shannon WestMaleGame of Shazam1