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Please note that goals only count when a player scores for their registered team(s).

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Alexis TillieMaleFC About to Get Messi25
Evan GrimmettMaleNations United15
Raeffe BMaleGame of Throw-ins12
Stephen LillingtonMaleArzans Angels10
Oscar AngMaleMagpies8
Todd LovellMaleTeam YMA8
Luke TaylorMaleArzans Angels7
Joe PantadMaleAzure7
Arnaud MahotMaleFC About to Get Messi6
Tim WorkmanMaleAzure6
michael wensingMaleGame of Throw-ins6
Dorian SerrierMaleBside5
Luke de JongMaleNations United5
Clément ViaudMaleFC About to Get Messi4
Jack WindrossMaleSpooky Dooks4
Jason YearlinhMaleFC About to Get Messi4
David HoganMaleGOATest Of All Time4
Ovi RahmanMaleFC About to Get Messi4
Sante Del MiglioMaleNations United4
James BreenMaleFC Beercelona4
Will BoettcherMaleFC Beercelona4
Adrian McKennaMaleNations United3
Dominic de LucaMaleFC About to Get Messi3
Evan ColwellMaleBside3
Michael CassidyMaleMagpies3
Stephen AlexanderMaleSpooky Dooks3
Nick RandlesMaleBside3
Anthony BriggsMaleMagpies2
Mitchell de BruynMaleMagpies2
Peter PascuzzoMaleGOATest Of All Time2
Nate BowenMaleFC Beercelona2
Nick SpeldewindeMaleGame of Throw-ins2
Mathias TelferMaleSpooky Dooks2
Jesse HamblyMaleFC About to Get Messi2
Dain McClure-ThomasMaleMagpies1
James PearsonMaleFC Beercelona1
Gavin BriggsMaleMagpies1
Patrick LaiMaleAzure1
Andrew PlattMaleBside1
Patrick CassidyMaleMagpies1
James SymingtonMaleSpooky Dooks1
Carl BauerMaleArzans Angels1
Iraia Wi Pouro SinclairMaleMagpies1
Andrew ApperleyMaleGOATest Of All Time1
Shannon WestMaleGame of Throw-ins1
John TurnbullMaleFC Beercelona1
William RiveraMaleNations United1
Matthew Barney-JustMaleArzans Angels1
Benjamin GraceMaleBside1
Suriya MakelaMaleTeam YMA1
Yudong LeeMaleBside1