Sunday Soccer on hold

Sunday Soccer League has pressed pause due to COVID-19.

More information will be posted here when the season plans to return. Hopefully the summer season will commence in October 2020, pending local restriction easing.

Minimum players

About the league

The Sunday Soccer League is a mixed, 7-a-side social competition. It caters for all abilities and exists to promote social sporting endeavour through the beautiful game. The rules exist to promote the social nature of the league and outlaw the physical elements of the larger format game, such as slide tackling and barging.

If you like to play hard, tackle hard and win at all costs, the Sunday Soccer League is not for you.

If you like to run after a ball, applaud good play, expect bad play, have a laugh and socialise with your team-mates and opponents, the Sunday Soccer League is for you.

Sunday Soccer League is an adult-only league. All participants must be at least 18 years old.

Minimum players

Registering a team

  1. Read the registration document.
  2. Pay all team and player registration fees (fees cover facilities hire, insurance and trophies).
  3. Acquire a team strip (identical shirts only required).
  4. Ensure that all members of the team abide by the rules of the Sunday Soccer League.
  5. Ensure that the team has sufficient player numbers to cover absences (format is 7-a-side with a maximum of 4 male players making up the 7 players on the pitch at any time).
  6. Provide a referee for assigned matches (usually every other week).
  7. Play in the spirit of the Sunday Soccer league. The league is mixed-gender, social and participative in nature. All play and conduct must acknowledge this. Failure to do so will result in suspension/expulsion of players and/or teams.

Minimum players

League/match format

The league plays on Sundays. The format for games is mixed 7-a-side on 1/2 size pitch with hockey goals. Of the 7 players on the pitch, a maximum of 4 male players is permitted. The games are 2 x 25 minute halves with roll-on/roll-off subs and teams provide refs for other matches on a schedule (usually ref every other week). I suggest that you only submit a team if you can consistently field 7 players. Most teams have a squad of 12 - 15 players to cover absences, etc.

The league is very social and a lot of fun with a real mix of abilities. Some people play in higher grade leagues, others have never kicked a ball and want to get involved in a low-key league.

Minimum players

Join a team

If you want to join an existing team in the current season, the thing to do is complete the Let Me Play form and post your details to this website. Team captains check this list when recruiting.