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Ongoing smoke contingency

As per the league's ongoing smoke contingency policy, this round's status will be updated at 8.30am on the morning of play.

Please also check below for any specific on-the-day match cancellations due to changing conditions.

Round status


Round 1309 Feb 2020
10:00am P1 1 FC About to Get Messi 3 : 1 Flaming Goal-ahs Game of Throw-ins match card
10:00am P2 1 Scemo Nine-Nine 3 : 0 Nations United Spooky Dooks match card
10:00am W1 1 Azure 4 : 1 G14 Classified Arzans Angels match card
10:00am W2 1 FC Beercelona 1 : 8 Expected Toulouse Turfs Up match card
11:00am P1 1 Game of Throw-ins 1 : 2 Magpies FC About to Get Messi match card
11:00am P2 1 Spooky Dooks 1 : 3 Qbn United Scemo Nine-Nine match card
11:00am W1 1 Arzans Angels 0 : 7 Pink Lemonade Azure match card
11:00am W2 1 Turfs Up 6 : 1 Bside FC Beercelona match card
(bye) : GOATest of All Time


The ladders are updated automatically when match results are entered. Therefore, they will not be up-to-date for any given round until all the results are provided.

PosTeamForm (hover for scores)PlWDLForAg+/-PenPts
Division 1
1 Liverpool WWWWWWWWWWWWWW 26 25 1 0 61 15 46 0 76
2Expected ToulouseWWWWWDWWWWWW12111066858034
3Scemo Nine-NineWWWWWWWWWWW111100471334033
4Pink LemonadeWWWLWLWWWWW11902581345027
5Turfs UpWWLWLDWWLWWW12813441430-124
6Nations UnitedWLWWWLWLWWL1170434277021
8Qbn UnitedLDWDLWLWWLLW1252531283-116
9FC About to Get MessiWDLWLLLLWLWW125162632-6016
11Game of Throw-insLWLLLWWDLLWL124171723-6013
12Arzans AngelsLLLWWWWLLLL114071853-35-39
13G14 ClassifiedLDWWLDLLLL102261730-1308
14Spooky DooksWLLDWLLDLL102261631-1508
15FC BeercelonaLDDLWDLLLL101361040-3006
16GOATest of All TimeWLDLLLLLDL10127822-1405
18Flaming Goal-ahsDDLLLLDLLLL110382148-2703
Team colours

Team colours

Teams must play in their designated team colours. If two teams have the same colour strip one team, must wear an alternative colour (or provided bibs). This should be agreed by captains prior to the match.

Player equipment

Player equipment

Players must wear appropriate footwear. Studs or cleats are not allowed at the National Hockey Centre. Any players wearing inappropriate footwear will be asked to leave the pitch. Shin guards are optional but recommended.

Referee duty

Referee duty

Matches must kick-off and end on time. If a match kicks-off late, playing time will be reduced to ensure that it ends on time.

A team who fails to provide a referee or fulfil assigned duties will lose 3 points and a $50 deduction in the bond refund. Referees must be equipped with stopwatch, whistle, pen and paper and submit results via My Sunday Soccer by midday on Monday.

Minimum players

Minimum players

Teams must comprise of at least 5 registered players from their team for a result to stand (otherwise the win is awarded to the opponent). A maximum of 2 ring-in players from other Sunday Soccer League teams is permitted. Read the rules for more information.

Teams who do not field a team will lose 3 points.

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