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16 Oct 2019KagenMaleClubAvailable any time usually. Played soccer for a club and school. Think this would be perfect for me to get back on the pitch and enjoy the beautiful game gain. Also only 18, hopefully not a problem
13 Oct 2019DanielMaleClubEasy going, reliable and experienced player. Happy to fill in occasionally or become a permanent addition to a team with less than 9 players.
13 Oct 2019TrevorMaleSocialI can play any sunday after 2 p.m. I played on the ayso team and the Gable middle soccer team
12 Oct 2019DanielMaleSocialJust arrived in Canberra and wanting to play some social soccer. Used to mainly play in defence but happy to play anywhere.
08 Oct 2019GlenMaleClubNah
08 Oct 2019GlenMaleClub
04 Oct 2019JordanMaleSocialMoving to Canberra and keen to join a social team.
03 Oct 2019SaeedMaleClubI play in the middle. I have an experience with a team in my hometown. I would like to add another experience to play in this league.
02 Oct 2019AidanMaleClubIím a pass first midfielder who loves to run. Iím 21 and Iíve been playing for most of my life. I can be used as a utility player and will happily go where you need me.
30 Sep 2019HassanMaleClubHi there, This Hassan 23 years old, looking to join a team and play soccer for fun. l played with UC Pumas 1st Div in the winter. My position is a midfielder cheers,
24 Sep 2019EllenaFemaleNovice
24 Sep 2019DiegoMaleSocialIm 33 years old guy,new in canberra, i've been playing social soccer all my life back in my country. I use to play as a left wing and target.
23 Sep 2019StefoMaleClub
10 Sep 2019hashemMaleClubhello, its hashem from kuwait am new in town, i play good soccer, and would like to give it a try!
24 Aug 2019MaverickMaleSocialSocial player looking for a team to join & to get back into football. Available on weekends for training & games. Attacking minded player comfortable playing anywhere higher up the field.
27 Jul 2019Leah FemaleClub
04 Jul 2019AndreaFemaleClubAvailable most Sundays. I have played football in Colombia and are looking for a team to play in here in Canberra.
01 Jul 2019ChristianMaleClubPlease pick me
27 Jun 2019SarahFemaleSocialI coach DIV2 U12 this winter season, and would like to get into playing. Do you have Summer mixed?
23 Jun 2019Sylvia FemaleNoviceBeginner!
16 Jun 2019Jemma FemaleSocialSpooky Dooks player
13 Jun 2019NickMaleSocialI'm 23, good footwork, keen to meet some people and get running again. average build. played soccer as a kid to age 15 or so.
13 Jun 2019MatanMaleSocialI'm 23 years old, played for a few years and looking to get back into it.
09 Jun 2019LiamMaleAmateurJust play for fun
04 Jun 2019AprilFemaleClubI wish to play with Azure
03 Jun 2019GinaSocialWhat I lack in actual soccer skills, I make up for in equally sub-par banter 😉
26 May 2019JohnnyMaleSocialI will be available to play most games this season. I play in an 11 a side team on Saturdays and have played in the Sunday soccer league over the years. Happy to play with any team in any position.
25 May 2019Sophie FemaleSocialI'm keen to join a friendly team for social soccer. I played a few years of social 7-a-side at uni (in QLD) and would like to get back in to it. I'm not particularly good but I'll show up every week and have a go. I'm happy to play any position.
25 May 2019LindiFemaleSocialHey, I've played quite a few seasons in the winter comp, joining teams who need females. Haven't got a team this season, but super keen to play! Prefer midfield, but will play anywhere (I'm not a great goalie. I'm not even a good goalie). Haven't played club football in years but grew up playing here in Canberra.
24 May 2019KatherineFemaleSocial
22 May 2019JayMaleAmateurScottish 29 year old. Played a lot in my teens and looking to play again. Normally a striker but happy to fit into any team. Free in the evenings after 6pm for training and free every Sunday.
20 May 2019ElishaFemaleNoviceJust looking to play socially. Am competitive but have zero skills that I am aware of.
16 May 2019MatthewMaleSocial24 years old. I haven't played club soccer in a while (emphasis on club). When I did it was division 2. I'm physically fit and play a no frills game.
16 May 2019phoebeFemaleSocialin canberra for university placement at the hospital
14 May 2019RyanMaleClubIt's been a couple years since I played properly but very keen to get back on the field. I generally played sweeper or left back but can roam around when needed. Hopefully there's a team looking for an extra player and we can have some fun!
13 May 2019KimMaleSocialI am keen to play soccer and meet people.
13 May 2019KimMaleSocialI am keen to play soccer and meet people.
11 May 2019MitchellMaleSocialJust looking for a bit of fun. Have played in the past as a winger and defender, but not overly talented (terrible left foot).
11 May 2019NoeMaleClubHello i played for Shmagis's wolves and Gldani 2018...i am striker and left winger,i am left footed,my boost is agility also i am fast
06 May 2019DuncanMaleClubHave played a few seasons of Club football, but was a bit slack earlier this year so wanting to get some winter football in. Keen to play with a team with a mix of skills and abilities - really just want to brush off my cobwebs!
04 May 2019NoeeeeeeeeMaleProI played in barva
03 May 2019SteveMaleClubPlayed SS for a couple seasons previously. Happy to fill-in when short on numbers or more...
03 May 2019NamihoFemaleClubI played 11s football (soccer) for about 7 years mainly in boys team when I was small and played futsal in female team for a year in high school. After about 8 years break, I started to play again in 2016 and I'd played as a striker and a captain in the only international ladies team in Tokyo. I played regularly 2 times a week with mens and ladies team for about 3 years and just moved to Canberra. I am looking to join fun and friendly team but still have competitive spirit.
02 May 2019SusanahFemaleAmateur
01 May 2019jamesMaleSocialHave played in sunday league a handful of times. Happy to play keeper for at least half the game each week.
01 May 2019HusseinMaleAmateurI am a great soccer player
29 Apr 2019XabiMalePro36, retired centre midfielder, played for Bayern, Madrid and Liverpool. Only available for some games for a short while while in Australia.
29 Apr 2019MattMaleSocialPlayed Sunday social for years but my team folded, so on the lookout for a new home
04 Apr 2019SusannahFemaleSocialI haven't played for a while, but I was a reasonably good defence when I played in college.
03 Apr 2019AndrewMaleSocial27yo keeper just relocated from Melbourne. I enjoy a goal or two scored as keeper ;) Looking for a team to settle into!
26 Mar 2019TomMaleSocialI'm a guy in his 20s looking to play some casual soccer with a fun team. Want a good bunch of people to bond with and a fun way to stay fit in addition to my gym routine.
18 Mar 2019GregMaleClub
18 Mar 2019RonaldMaleSocialAlways play in the neighbourhood weekly, until I moved to Canberra 6 months ago. Keen to join any club. Left-footed
05 Mar 2019HarnekMaleExperienced soccer player
24 Feb 2019SteveMaleSocialLeft mid
23 Feb 2019JeremyMaleSocial
20 Feb 2019JaiMaleSocialHave played Sunday League soccer before, am just looking to get out for a run and have some fun again. I am available most nights and weekends
19 Feb 2019Daniel MaleAmateurI'm interested to join an active soccer team, I'm in the game for more than 20 years and I have been playing as a midfielder striker.
13 Feb 2019DamonMaleSocial34 years old. State junior rep back in the ďhay dayĒ. Slowly turning into an old man so need to make the most out of it while I can. Happy to play any outfield position. Will give it my all on the pitch but also a great social asset off the pitch. Hit me up!
06 Feb 2019CHARLESMaleAmateur
04 Feb 2019HerbertClub
26 Jan 2019Dominique MaleClub
03 Jan 2019ErinFemaleSocialHey! Iím not any good, but Iíve played for a few years, I know the rules and Iím enthusiastic. Iím excited to join a team who is just out to have fun with friends
02 Jan 2019Kristanne and DanielFemaleSocialWe're a couple wishing to join a team. Considering you are already half way through the season, is it possible to be avaiable as reserves or join now?
15 Dec 2018KaslovMaleSocial
26 Nov 2018BetsyFemaleAmateurI used to play soccer when i was younger, now keen to try it again :) come from an athletics background
16 Nov 2018ShadiMaleSocialI am the abandoned son of Diego Maradona. I am registering to play for Unreal Madrid.
09 Nov 2018BenjaminMaleSocial
04 Nov 2018LouiseFemaleNovice
03 Nov 2018SarahFemaleClub
01 Nov 2018ThereseFemaleNoviceRegistering for Bside
26 Oct 2018Daniel MaleSocialGood on field and goalie
24 Oct 2018KaiFemaleClubNot fit but enthusiastic (will turn up every week)! Lots of experience playing football. :)
23 Oct 2018ConnorMaleSocialNevbo
23 Oct 2018JeremyMaleClubNev Bo
22 Oct 2018Carol MaleSocialJust want to play for any teams, need player. Thanks.
20 Oct 2018CarlMaleSocialI have played on the former 'balls rebooted' team for 8 years. Can play in any position. I have been known to dribble but I also like Sunday Soccer.
20 Oct 2018CraigMaleClubPlayed in Sunday soccer comp for over 7 years in former 'balls rebooted' team. I can play in a range of positions, with previous club experience as a fullback. Friendly and easy going team member.
18 Oct 2018KrisFemaleClubI'm a midfielder who just finished a winter 11 a side comp and currently also plays in a summer 9s comp. Have played on Sunday league in previous years. Looking for a chill, friendly team with good attitude!
15 Oct 2018GinaFemaleSocialLove playing sport and meeting new people, so I thought I'd give this a crack :)
14 Oct 2018KatFemaleNoviceI
14 Oct 2018RobinMaleAmateurHi guys, i want to play some soccer. I have been playing for 15 years, always social level. Iím fit and ready to play.
14 Oct 2018RobinMaleAmateurHi guys, i want to play some soccer. I have been playing for 15 years, always social level. Iím fit and ready to play.
10 Oct 2018SeongHyunMaleSocialI can play anytime on weekend. I used to play in a state football league back in Korea.
08 Oct 2018ShaunMaleSocial
01 Oct 2018RobinMaleSocialHi there, my name is Robin, I am french 27 years old. I have been playing soccer for 15 years. I'm ok in terms of fitness, i just need to work on my cardio. I can play anywhere of the flanks or center midfielder.
30 Sep 2018SeanMaleClubHi Guys, I am looking to have a kick about and a laugh. I played club soccer for 14 years as a kid but not so fit now! Hahha I am left footed, I played left midfield, left back and sweeper. More of a playmaker than a goal scorer. Im excited to hear from you! Thanks, Sean Mawbey
24 Sep 2018AndrewMaleClub
16 Sep 2018JavierMaleClubI played for about 10 years for local clubs in Spain up until uni. I haven't played seriously for a while, but I think I can still make a difference on the field!
15 Sep 2018ZacMaleSocialHey I'm keen to play
20 Aug 2018PumuduMaleProMidfielder
09 Aug 2018Erin FemaleSocialPlayed in high school and at my college, looking for somewhere to improve my skills as I'm not incredible but enjoy playing!
24 Jul 2018MohaabMaleClubI can play in midfield and have been playing as a goalkeeper since eight years but due to an injury had to change to midfield
22 Jul 2018ChrisMaleAmateurKeen soccer player with a competitive desire who is a novice but willing to train/learn. Available on Sunday whole day and Saturday after 4pm
22 Jul 2018MyatMaleSocialI would like to play, have fun and make new friends. I will be available to play until the end of winter season. I can play defensive midfield.
17 Jul 2018JasonMaleSocialI play regularly with work and just looking for social run on a sunday
07 Jul 2018JeaseMaleClubHey guys, just moved to Canberra from Brisbane. Looking to play some social football. Pretty decent player if any team needs an extra. Played at all levels from Prem's to div 4. Hit me up, would be great to have a run.
28 Jun 2018Lewis MaleSocialHi, Im a pretty relaxed guy, 27 years old, whoíd like to play some social soccer. Iím not bad but not too serious either. Shoot me a message if youíd like another player. Thanks!
24 Jun 2018JeffMaleClubPlaying for unreal madrid
04 Jun 2018PaulMaleNoviceLeft-footed, 6'4", tendency to slide tackle even if it is against the rules. Special skills: British.
03 Jun 2018JamieMaleSocialVery sporty human have played a fair bit of indoor at kaleen and Im keen to join any team
28 May 2018JoeMaleClubHi Everyone! Im relatively new to ACT and looking for a social bunch of people. I played club soccer in QLD for most of my life. I haven't played in 5+ years now but keen to start again.
22 May 2018ArmandoMaleClub
07 May 2018TroyMaleClub
04 May 2018WisamMaleClubIím pretty good
01 May 2018BerlindaFemaleSocialI am early 40s and have played soccer and indoor soccer.
01 May 2018TakundaMaleClubHi I am a versatile player who can play centre of midfield , right or left wing , right or left back and attack midfield I am very passionate about soccer and would love to play thank you.
01 May 2018RobinMaleAmateurHi There, I would like to find a team to play every sunday or a day in the week if needed. Im 26 years old, i have been playing football for 12 years and I am now in Canberra for Professional reason. I am working in a restaurant in town.
30 Apr 2018AlexFemaleSocialI live in tuggeranong and am a little limited in how far I can go until mid May when I'll have my car back. But would love to have a kick again, although it's been a while!
29 Apr 2018Lisa FemaleSocialHow Danny Iíve played previously, I think itís been 5 seasons with varies teams: Strikers, The Phongs must be crazy, filled in for Victorious Secret...wanting to register my own team for the coming winter season. Just wondering when it starts? June? Hope thereís a team spot free! Lisa
25 Apr 2018LuukMaleClubPlayed for clubs back in The Netherlands when younger (now 30 yrs old) decent level but more looking for a nice team, of course always going for a win but also keen for a beer afterwards :).
18 Apr 2018SimonMaleClubAvailable immediately, also have a female housemate that would like to play as well
07 Apr 2018alana FemaleSocial
07 Apr 2018alana FemaleSocial
22 Mar 2018RyanMaleClubHavent played for a couple yrs but very keen to get back on the field. Played for belnorth in younger days. Then st Margaret's in the churches league on and off. Played for UC PUMAS 2yrs. Usually play sweeper, stopper, left back/mid but wherever is needed 😊
22 Mar 2018connorMaleSocial
20 Mar 2018RifqiMaleSocialPLayed in a few clubs, now play in a futsal team at curtin stadium. Can read the game well and always play to the best of my ability.
20 Mar 2018Louise FemaleClubPlayed soccer all my life in Sweden. Have been having a beak for a year. Really want to get back to it'
12 Mar 2018RobinMaleAmateurMy Name is Robin, I am a 26 years old man. I played football for 11 years, but I haven't touch a soccer ball for 1 year. I just want to play in a team and enjoy the time playing some soccer. I can play left or right back, left of right Midfielder. My job keeps me fit (Waiter) but i need to work on my cardio. Im available to play every Sunday and 1 flexible day during the week if there is any training. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
11 Mar 2018TyronMaleClubIíve been playing soccer/football since childhood Love the game. Work and study keep me busy during the week - looking for social weekend games
09 Mar 2018SusannahAmateur
05 Mar 2018TakundaMaleClub
17 Feb 2018MatthewMaleSocialAvailable Saturday mornings or Sunday mornings Any position
16 Feb 2018BerlindaFemaleSocialPlease register me against the twam not so Atlťtico
16 Feb 2018RakeshMaleSocialFree after 5 pm every day. Completely free on the weekends. My best position is as a striker.But happy to play anywhere. I am a. If fan of the game. Love the tactical aspects of it as well. As a player I would say I am hardworking and have a good finish.
11 Feb 2018CheMaleAmateurExperience amateur and social player both indoor and outdoor. Played last year but can't this year due to other commitments on Friday and Saturday. Available sundays and training nights. Looking to stay active, have fun and a laugh. Can cover all positions including keeper. I am based in brisbane.
06 Feb 2018JasonMaleSocialI currently play street social soccer on Wednesdays and have been loving it and would like to pick up some extra games.
02 Feb 2018GeorgeMaleSocialI usually play as a left wing or center middle field. I am playing soccer already for 15 years. I was a captain at my highschool's varisty team. I was a top goal scorer last season (16/17).
29 Jan 2018Ahmmed MaleClubI'm available for trainings but can't play matches on Saturday only Sundays I'm free due to work. I used to premier league soccer. But I haven't played for 2 seasons now. Ps I'm from Sydney
21 Jan 2018BrendanMaleSocial
19 Jan 2018AlexFemaleSocial
08 Jan 2018PeterMaleClubAttacking mid, fairly aggressive, play maker. From New Zealand. Played 10 years as a kid then a few years not playing before starting again 4 years ago. Available Sundays and flexible with 1 training day a week
01 Jan 2018Kelvin MaleSocialHi, I am from Manchester UK, male, 39 yrs, and looking to join a team for fun. I have played a fair bit but not played for a while. Let me know cheers.
19 Nov 2017SethMaleClubI hardly get tired and usually play as a winger/striker. From Texas