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18 Mar 2019GregMaleClub
18 Mar 2019RonaldMaleSocialAlways play in the neighbourhood weekly, until I moved to Canberra 6 months ago. Keen to join any club. Left-footed
05 Mar 2019HarnekMaleExperienced soccer player
24 Feb 2019SteveMaleSocialLeft mid
23 Feb 2019JeremyMaleSocial
22 Feb 2019
20 Feb 2019JaiMaleSocialHave played Sunday League soccer before, am just looking to get out for a run and have some fun again. I am available most nights and weekends
19 Feb 2019Daniel MaleAmateurI'm interested to join an active soccer team, I'm in the game for more than 20 years and I have been playing as a midfielder striker.
13 Feb 2019DamonMaleSocial34 years old. State junior rep back in the ďhay dayĒ. Slowly turning into an old man so need to make the most out of it while I can. Happy to play any outfield position. Will give it my all on the pitch but also a great social asset off the pitch. Hit me up!
06 Feb 2019CHARLESMaleAmateur
04 Feb 2019HerbertClub
26 Jan 2019Dominique MaleClub
03 Jan 2019ErinFemaleSocialHey! Iím not any good, but Iíve played for a few years, I know the rules and Iím enthusiastic. Iím excited to join a team who is just out to have fun with friends
02 Jan 2019Kristanne and DanielFemaleSocialWe're a couple wishing to join a team. Considering you are already half way through the season, is it possible to be avaiable as reserves or join now?
15 Dec 2018KaslovMaleSocial
26 Nov 2018BetsyFemaleAmateurI used to play soccer when i was younger, now keen to try it again :) come from an athletics background
16 Nov 2018ShadiMaleSocialI am the abandoned son of Diego Maradona. I am registering to play for Unreal Madrid.
09 Nov 2018BenjaminMaleSocial
04 Nov 2018LouiseFemaleNovice
03 Nov 2018SarahFemaleClub
01 Nov 2018ThereseFemaleNoviceRegistering for Bside
26 Oct 2018Daniel MaleSocialGood on field and goalie
24 Oct 2018KaiFemaleClubNot fit but enthusiastic (will turn up every week)! Lots of experience playing football. :)
23 Oct 2018ConnorMaleSocialNevbo
23 Oct 2018JeremyMaleClubNev Bo
22 Oct 2018Carol MaleSocialJust want to play for any teams, need player. Thanks.
20 Oct 2018CarlMaleSocialI have played on the former 'balls rebooted' team for 8 years. Can play in any position. I have been known to dribble but I also like Sunday Soccer.
20 Oct 2018CraigMaleClubPlayed in Sunday soccer comp for over 7 years in former 'balls rebooted' team. I can play in a range of positions, with previous club experience as a fullback. Friendly and easy going team member.
18 Oct 2018KrisFemaleClubI'm a midfielder who just finished a winter 11 a side comp and currently also plays in a summer 9s comp. Have played on Sunday league in previous years. Looking for a chill, friendly team with good attitude!
15 Oct 2018GinaFemaleSocialLove playing sport and meeting new people, so I thought I'd give this a crack :)
14 Oct 2018KatFemaleNoviceI
14 Oct 2018RobinMaleAmateurHi guys, i want to play some soccer. I have been playing for 15 years, always social level. Iím fit and ready to play.
14 Oct 2018RobinMaleAmateurHi guys, i want to play some soccer. I have been playing for 15 years, always social level. Iím fit and ready to play.
10 Oct 2018SeongHyunMaleSocialI can play anytime on weekend. I used to play in a state football league back in Korea.
08 Oct 2018ShaunMaleSocial
01 Oct 2018RobinMaleSocialHi there, my name is Robin, I am french 27 years old. I have been playing soccer for 15 years. I'm ok in terms of fitness, i just need to work on my cardio. I can play anywhere of the flanks or center midfielder.
30 Sep 2018SeanMaleClubHi Guys, I am looking to have a kick about and a laugh. I played club soccer for 14 years as a kid but not so fit now! Hahha I am left footed, I played left midfield, left back and sweeper. More of a playmaker than a goal scorer. Im excited to hear from you! Thanks, Sean Mawbey
25 Sep 2018XabiMalePro36, retired centre midfielder, played for Bayern, Madrid and Liverpool. Only available for some games for a short while while in Australia.
24 Sep 2018AndrewMaleClub
16 Sep 2018JavierMaleClubI played for about 10 years for local clubs in Spain up until uni. I haven't played seriously for a while, but I think I can still make a difference on the field!
15 Sep 2018ZacMaleSocialHey I'm keen to play
20 Aug 2018PumuduMaleProMidfielder
09 Aug 2018Erin FemaleSocialPlayed in high school and at my college, looking for somewhere to improve my skills as I'm not incredible but enjoy playing!
24 Jul 2018MohaabMaleClubI can play in midfield and have been playing as a goalkeeper since eight years but due to an injury had to change to midfield
22 Jul 2018ChrisMaleAmateurKeen soccer player with a competitive desire who is a novice but willing to train/learn. Available on Sunday whole day and Saturday after 4pm
22 Jul 2018MyatMaleSocialI would like to play, have fun and make new friends. I will be available to play until the end of winter season. I can play defensive midfield.
17 Jul 2018JasonMaleSocialI play regularly with work and just looking for social run on a sunday
07 Jul 2018JeaseMaleClubHey guys, just moved to Canberra from Brisbane. Looking to play some social football. Pretty decent player if any team needs an extra. Played at all levels from Prem's to div 4. Hit me up, would be great to have a run.
28 Jun 2018Lewis MaleSocialHi, Im a pretty relaxed guy, 27 years old, whoíd like to play some social soccer. Iím not bad but not too serious either. Shoot me a message if youíd like another player. Thanks!
24 Jun 2018JeffMaleClubPlaying for unreal madrid
04 Jun 2018PaulMaleNoviceLeft-footed, 6'4", tendency to slide tackle even if it is against the rules. Special skills: British.
03 Jun 2018JamieMaleSocialVery sporty human have played a fair bit of indoor at kaleen and Im keen to join any team
28 May 2018JoeMaleClubHi Everyone! Im relatively new to ACT and looking for a social bunch of people. I played club soccer in QLD for most of my life. I haven't played in 5+ years now but keen to start again.
22 May 2018ArmandoMaleClub
07 May 2018TatianaFemaleSocialHave played in the past.
07 May 2018TroyMaleClub
04 May 2018WisamMaleClubIím pretty good
01 May 2018BerlindaFemaleSocialI am early 40s and have played soccer and indoor soccer.
01 May 2018TakundaMaleClubHi I am a versatile player who can play centre of midfield , right or left wing , right or left back and attack midfield I am very passionate about soccer and would love to play thank you.
01 May 2018RobinMaleAmateurHi There, I would like to find a team to play every sunday or a day in the week if needed. Im 26 years old, i have been playing football for 12 years and I am now in Canberra for Professional reason. I am working in a restaurant in town.
30 Apr 2018AlexFemaleSocialI live in tuggeranong and am a little limited in how far I can go until mid May when I'll have my car back. But would love to have a kick again, although it's been a while!
29 Apr 2018Lisa FemaleSocialHow Danny Iíve played previously, I think itís been 5 seasons with varies teams: Strikers, The Phongs must be crazy, filled in for Victorious Secret...wanting to register my own team for the coming winter season. Just wondering when it starts? June? Hope thereís a team spot free! Lisa
25 Apr 2018LuukMaleClubPlayed for clubs back in The Netherlands when younger (now 30 yrs old) decent level but more looking for a nice team, of course always going for a win but also keen for a beer afterwards :).
18 Apr 2018SimonMaleClubAvailable immediately, also have a female housemate that would like to play as well
07 Apr 2018alana FemaleSocial
07 Apr 2018alana FemaleSocial
22 Mar 2018RyanMaleClubHavent played for a couple yrs but very keen to get back on the field. Played for belnorth in younger days. Then st Margaret's in the churches league on and off. Played for UC PUMAS 2yrs. Usually play sweeper, stopper, left back/mid but wherever is needed 😊
22 Mar 2018connorMaleSocial
20 Mar 2018RifqiMaleSocialPLayed in a few clubs, now play in a futsal team at curtin stadium. Can read the game well and always play to the best of my ability.
20 Mar 2018Louise FemaleClubPlayed soccer all my life in Sweden. Have been having a beak for a year. Really want to get back to it'
12 Mar 2018RobinMaleAmateurMy Name is Robin, I am a 26 years old man. I played football for 11 years, but I haven't touch a soccer ball for 1 year. I just want to play in a team and enjoy the time playing some soccer. I can play left or right back, left of right Midfielder. My job keeps me fit (Waiter) but i need to work on my cardio. Im available to play every Sunday and 1 flexible day during the week if there is any training. Please do not hesitate to contact me.
11 Mar 2018TyronMaleClubIíve been playing soccer/football since childhood Love the game. Work and study keep me busy during the week - looking for social weekend games
09 Mar 2018SusannahAmateur
05 Mar 2018TakundaMaleClub
17 Feb 2018MatthewMaleSocialAvailable Saturday mornings or Sunday mornings Any position
16 Feb 2018BerlindaFemaleSocialPlease register me against the twam not so Atlťtico
16 Feb 2018RakeshMaleSocialFree after 5 pm every day. Completely free on the weekends. My best position is as a striker.But happy to play anywhere. I am a. If fan of the game. Love the tactical aspects of it as well. As a player I would say I am hardworking and have a good finish.
11 Feb 2018CheMaleAmateurExperience amateur and social player both indoor and outdoor. Played last year but can't this year due to other commitments on Friday and Saturday. Available sundays and training nights. Looking to stay active, have fun and a laugh. Can cover all positions including keeper. I am based in brisbane.
09 Feb 2018JoshMaleAmateurAvailable for the winter. Trying to catch my breath
06 Feb 2018JasonMaleSocialI currently play street social soccer on Wednesdays and have been loving it and would like to pick up some extra games.
02 Feb 2018GeorgeMaleSocialI usually play as a left wing or center middle field. I am playing soccer already for 15 years. I was a captain at my highschool's varisty team. I was a top goal scorer last season (16/17).
29 Jan 2018Ahmmed MaleClubI'm available for trainings but can't play matches on Saturday only Sundays I'm free due to work. I used to premier league soccer. But I haven't played for 2 seasons now. Ps I'm from Sydney
21 Jan 2018BrendanMaleSocial
19 Jan 2018AlexFemaleSocial
08 Jan 2018PeterMaleClubAttacking mid, fairly aggressive, play maker. From New Zealand. Played 10 years as a kid then a few years not playing before starting again 4 years ago. Available Sundays and flexible with 1 training day a week
01 Jan 2018Kelvin MaleSocialHi, I am from Manchester UK, male, 39 yrs, and looking to join a team for fun. I have played a fair bit but not played for a while. Let me know cheers.
19 Nov 2017SethMaleClubI hardly get tired and usually play as a winger/striker. From Texas
09 Nov 2017MorgynFemaleSocialSimon's housemate so looking to play together if possible :)
09 Nov 2017SimonMaleSocialPlayed a lot of football back in the UK but out of fitness so just looking for the chance to play :)
06 Nov 2017BenMaleClubI've played outdoor and indoor regularly in Queensland in the past but have had a break during university. Looking to get back in at any level, playing predominantly defence.
23 Oct 2017NadiaFemaleSocialPlayed outdoor and indoor soccer regularly in past, but not for past couple of years while living overseas. Keen to get back to game and improve fitness, in a social setting.
23 Oct 2017DarryMaleClubFit, experienced, amateur soccer player. Played most recently for a team in the Hanoi (Vietnam) league, while living there from 2016-17. Recently moved to Canberra with my Australian spouse, so looking to get back to game and meet people.
18 Oct 2017OsvaldoMaleAmateurJust to want to keep myself active.
12 Oct 2017Katrina FemaleSocial
12 Oct 2017Katrina
09 Oct 2017SofiaFemaleClubPlayed for ANU for 5 years and Prems in Sydney for a short time, looking to keep my fitness up and have some in the sun on a Sunday:)
09 Oct 2017TamikaFemaleClub
07 Oct 2017KristineFemaleClubI'm an experienced player, and have played on 11, 9 and 5 a side mixed and women's teams. Ive played Sunday soccer for 3 seasons, but my usual team hasn't registered this season. Looking to join a team ongoing or ad hoc.
05 Oct 2017HunterMaleAmateurI have played soccer for over 20 years in South Africa, England and Australia. I am a versatile player but have mostly played in right back or right midfield. I would really like the opportunity to play during the summer months and be part of the team.
29 Sep 2017KatyFemaleNoviceI have played with YMA in the summer and winter comps for the last two years, but YMA aren't fielding a summer team anymore. Keen to keep playing. I'm not too bad a defender, will try my guts out in midfield and attack when needed; and what I lack in skills I'll make up with half-time oranges.
26 Sep 2017KayannieFemaleAmateurI have played football for many years, including Sunday Soccer for the last two seasons. I'm not particularly fit or talented but I'll show up every week and enjoy a run around. Hoping to find a friendly team to play on. :)
24 Sep 2017EtienneMaleSocialRecently moved from Darwin. Played indoor for 6 years. I'm currently working various shifts in Aviation.
17 Sep 2017LouisMaleClubI've played football for quite some time now. LOVE the game, love winning with the team
11 Sep 2017Tony MaleClubStriker, winger
05 Sep 2017MichaelMaleClubI played last summer in this league and Masters Div 3 for Weston this winter. I'm looking for the team to play upcoming summer
02 Sep 2017JamieMaleClubOn a Gap year over from London, England for around 8 months. I'm a no-nonsense Centre Back, who wins everything in the air and is not afraid to put in a few crunching tackles. I can also play out from the back if needed. Played for school and club up until I left the UK, now here in Melbourne looking for a way to play soccer and meet fellow soccer-lovers.
17 Aug 2017OraFemaleAmateur
15 Aug 2017HollyFemaleAmateurHello! I played soccer back in high school, but am keen for a team atmosphere and a kick. I am very quick- often on the wing.
13 Aug 2017LukeMaleClubPlayed at club level for 20 years since 6 years old. Had a couple of years off. Now looking to get back into it.
06 Aug 2017GrantMaleSocialCan kick the ball at least 20 meters.
03 Aug 2017Jovani MaleClubAm Jovani Atkins originally from Jamaica I've played in high sschool in Jamaica and also played for cedar grove united in Jamaica I've played for juniors academy in New York and the position I play is right wing or left wing and also a striker at the moment am working on going professional. Looking forward to hear from you guys
26 Jul 2017BryanMaleAmateurMy name is Bryan and I would like to get back into soccer after a short break. Played futsal for a few years as a defender. Available for Sunday and weekday evenings.
09 Jul 2017JackMaleClubI am interested in joining a team. Good standard of football. can play anywhere. willing to start asap
08 Jul 2017JaydenMalePro
08 Jul 2017DeclanMaleClubI'm Irish and will be arriving in a couple of weeks and would love to get involved in some soccer. I'm fairly decent and am ready to introduce the deep lying playmaker role to Australia. I'll get a number and stuff sorted when I arrive!
06 Jul 2017Adalheidur FemaleClub
29 Jun 2017MatthewMaleClub
17 Jun 2017ArianaFemaleClub
27 May 2017RichardMaleAmateurJust moved from the UK. Played regular 7-aside football at an amateur level and looking to join a team in Canberra. Available Sundays and at the moment weekday evenings. Left footed midfielder with attacking and defensive capabilities. 37yrs old with good general fitness and work ethic.
23 May 2017AmeFemaleNoviceAvailable every Sunday to play, and most evenings for training as required. I am a generally active person and love sports, watch A-league and EPL passionately but am a beginner to playing myself.
21 May 2017AlannaFemaleSocial
20 May 2017Danielle FemaleNoviceSpooners please :)
13 May 2017ElneFemaleSocialHi, I currently play indoor soccer on Monday nights and looking to play some outdoor for fun! I have played outdoor before and know the rules! I am competitive in a friendly way. Definitely a lot of fun to play and I just give it my best! I love playing defence but am working on my attack also
11 May 2017CarlMaleSocialPreviously played in Div 2 team in Balls Rebooted.
10 May 2017TedMaleSocialPlayed for Azure last season
10 May 2017GlenMaleAmateur
10 May 2017AlexMaleClubI am a very experienced player and I can play all over the field. I love to win, but I put sportsmanship first. I played through high school and university.
09 May 2017MichelleFemale
08 May 2017RayMaleSocialAvailable Sunday days. I play in a mixed futsal team on mondays
04 May 2017SallyFemaleClubMy friend and I (both female) are looking to join a team. we both have about 13 years experience playing soccer with various clubs. We have also played in this social competition a few times a couple of years ago. We can play any position and come as a package deal
30 Apr 2017LauraFemaleAmateurI played for a bit, but over ten years ago!
11 Apr 2017Abdull MaleSocialHi there ,, I'm new here I just moved to Canberra and I'm trying to find time play with .. Thank you ...
28 Feb 2017BenMaleSocialBeen in Canberra a few years, keen to meet new people and keep fit. Available most Sundays.
21 Feb 2017SadayukiMaleSocialHi, my name is Sada from Japan. I have been in Canberra for a few years and I saw people played football on Sunday at Lyneham, so I checked internet and found here. I am in 30s and played soccer when I was a teenager, and can play any position for social games, so please contact me.
02 Feb 2017Emily FemaleSocialKeen on playing a sport, played soccer when younger and used to play hockey.
29 Jan 2017DarbyMaleAmateur
25 Jan 2017JoelMaleAmateurLooking to play soccer for fun, available most weekends(work sometimes) can train during the week, looking to get running on the pitch again, have not played soccer for a few years, and have not played in Canberra.
20 Jan 2017Marcos MaleClubHi there , My name is Marcos moved to canberra begin of last year and I'm looking for some social soccer game been leaving in Sydney for the last 7 years and I'm originally from Brazil so I love soccer and always played as well
19 Jan 2017Emanuel MaleNovice
13 Jan 2017JohnyMaleSocialI'm 17 I play any position u want but my main is cam I'm good at distributing the and giving. I'm good at free kicks and corner kicks give me a chance to show you what I got.
10 Jan 2017KathleenFemaleNoviceI haven't played much soccer but am fairly sporty and am super keen to learn some new skills and meet some new people!
08 Jan 2017ClaireFemale
04 Jan 2017OsmanMaleSocialAttacking midfielder/playmaker, all round joker, new to Canberra and looking to play regularly- available most evenings and available weekends
02 Jan 2017BriFemaleSocialJust looking for some fun soccer matches, played for 6 years in high school but haven't really played much in last 5 years.
28 Dec 2016katrinaFemaleSocialAvailable out of uni hours. Looking to build my skills, have fun and getting back into the game.
30 Nov 2016billyMaleAmateurplayed with high school for 4 years and recreational club
28 Nov 2016ElijahMaleClubI have good skills above average but not professional
26 Nov 2016CarlMaleSocialHey guys, relatively new to Canberra and keen to get into some soccer. Played on-off throughout my life. Cheers
19 Nov 2016JayMale
18 Nov 2016RobbieMaleAmateurI am available evenings on week nights, and most weekends. I am looking for playing socially for fitness and fun. I am not very fit at the moment but love the sport and enjoy meeting new people. I am a mature and respectful person, team player, with a good sense of humour.
12 Nov 2016AlexMaleClubI love this game. I'll play any position and I'll be a strong member of the team.
08 Nov 2016MaliMaleClubHi, I haven't played football in three years, but prior to that I played but soccer and futsal for 7-8 years. I last played for under 21 when I was 17. I'm 20 and out of practise, but it shouldn't take much to get back into it.
07 Nov 2016KayannieFemaleNovice28, not fit but enthusiastic. Lot of previous experience playing 'indoor soccer' and futsal. Understand and love football and have done lots of coaching up to U15s level. Previously held FFA Skill and Game Training Certs. Keen to start playing again. :)
06 Nov 2016AnnaFemaleNoviceGame of throw-ins
05 Nov 2016KatyFemaleNovice
03 Nov 2016EleanorFemaleSocial
02 Nov 2016NikkiFemaleClub
01 Nov 2016EmilyFemaleAmateurFat sharks
01 Nov 2016AlyshaFemaleSocialTeam - The Inauspicious Penguins.
30 Oct 2016SeanMaleClubI have played in this league many times before, and have played club soccer until last year. I am reasonably fit, and can kick a ball in a straight line most of the time. I will be able to play most weeks, but not all. Fairly decent at the game, but looking for a team of any level, friendly kick around, or gunning for the title.
26 Oct 2016ManasMaleClubPlaying 6-a-side in the North Canberra comp in 1st division. Just want to join a team for a run on Sundays!
26 Oct 2016AlexMaleClubAge 26. I've been playing my whole life. I'm very solid and pretty fast but not in the greatest shape (hence why I'm looking to play!). I'll play any position but goalie. I love to win but I'm respectful and I always want everyone to have a great time.
25 Oct 2016MarcMaleSocialUsed to play in No-Preference but the fame/drugs tore us apart.
23 Oct 2016DavisMaleSocialhello I am new in Canberra and am looking to play some regular soccer. I use to play a lot of football and futsal previously, but currently needing to get back in shape. Let me know if you need an extra body on your team.
13 Oct 2016AshleighFemaleNoviceuse to play in this comp with Ovington United a few years ago prior to moving away.
10 Oct 2016Lachlan MaleClub
30 Sep 2016JacobMaleAmateurI'm not a bad player but I'm not exactly good. I've never played soccer with a team and I really want to learn and have some fun.
27 Sep 2016MichaelClubBeen playing since I was young for various teams in England. Attacking minded player.
18 Sep 2016JacobMaleClubHey, my name is Jake. I play for Belwest and would love the opportunity to play in a team this summer. I'm a decent player and I would make a great addition to your team.
28 Aug 2016WarwickMaleAmateurPlaying for Game of Throw-ins
26 Aug 2016MikeyMaleSocial
24 Aug 2016JessFemaleAmateurCurrently I play indoor soccer and I want to take on field soccer. Iíll be a regular player who will be able to attend pretty much every game. Iíve been playing indoor for around 10 months so my soccer skills are still building, but I definitely have the basics. Position wise Iím an all-rounder, even happy to take a turn in goals. Past sporting interests include playing hockey and rock climbing.
22 Aug 2016MichaelMaleSocialI came from US and used to play there in the recreational league. I'm ready to join any team and I love playing this beautiful game.
13 Aug 2016OscarMaleAmateur
12 Aug 2016TylerMaleAmateurSome call me the Ying to Ronaldos Yang, recently turned down a contract with Chelsea worth 15mil in favour for Sunday league as I'm looking for fun and outgoing people wanting to have fun playing the worlds game. (Soz about the cringe) Available every Sunday!! Rated on Fifa with 1* skill moves and 0.5* weak foot
12 Aug 2016TylerMaleAmateurPlayed soccer throughout High school, positive, outgoing looking to have a laugh and play the worlds game with likeminded people! Bring it on!!
06 Aug 2016KimMaleSocialHello there I am Kim Ho, I am loving to play soccer with any team. Who is need player for a Sunday game. I am available every Sunday. I also like to meet new people and get fit. please contact me. Thank you.
28 Jul 2016ChristianMaleSocialGood passer of the ball.
23 Jul 2016DavidMaleClubPlayed in the over 45 and now looking to play more social football
17 Jul 2016WillMaleClubHi. My name is Will, I'm a 35 year old school teacher who has just returned to Canberra after a few years overseas. Would love to get back into playing football socially - and look forward to getting some exercise, meeting new people and hopefully helping my team on a sunday morning! I've been playing football socially for the last 15 years and enjoy playing anywhere on the pitch. Look forward to hearing from you. Cheers, Will
12 Jul 2016ChristopherMaleSocialJust moved to Canberra looking for a social team to play in. Haven't played outdoor soccer in a while, but willing to come out of retirement! Luckily tall enough to be a goalkeeper but I don't mind playing wherever.
10 Jul 2016GaryMaleClubPlayed with Canberra City@Kambah Colts in the 0'35's Division 3 competition from 1994-2002.Played on the Central Coast with The Entrance Bateau Bay united side and with Minto Stingers in Campbelltown in 2004 and 2006-08.
02 Jul 2016GaryMaleAmateurI can play every position on the field with the exception of goalie.
28 Jun 2016MariaFemaleSocialHave coached indoor soccer and my son plays outdoor. I have been on the side lines watching for a few years.
28 Jun 2016MariaFemaleSocialHave coached indoor soccer and my son plays outdoor. I have been on the side lines watching for a few years.
19 Jun 2016AnthonyMaleSocialLooking to play my favourite game again in a social setting. Played for Wooden Valley about 5 years ago.
08 Jun 2016SimonMaleSocialPlayed from ages 10-21 up to state level. Haven't played in 8 years due dodgy knee but keen to try have a kick again. Available most weekends but sometimes on call for work. Cheers
05 Jun 2016Tim MaleNoviceWhat the Chuck
22 May 2016LindiFemaleSocialI'm available most weekends (I will be away for a few). I have played in the comp a few times before and played 11-a-side comp when I was in high school and uni (so not for the last 10 years). My skills are more suited to the 2nd division I would say but I'm not completely lacking in skill either!
20 May 2016MichaelMaleSocial33yrs old, been playing for a long time. Wish to play social casual.
20 May 2016BojanSocial
16 May 2016LukeMaleClubPlayed from 5-17 and stopped playing due to a knee reconstruction. Keen to kick the ball around again and ease my way back into it. Usually go home for the weekend to Wollongong every 4 or 5 weeks.
15 May 2016GarethMaleAmateurAvailable all Sunday, outdoor playing experience, keen to join a team of any level.
03 May 2016MatraMaleProHi Guys, twentysomething cultured midfielder looking for a team to play. I usually play futsal in the summer with my friends but in the winter they play outdoor competitively and I am left all alone not playing. I need something to keep me active and keep my fitness level up. I find the state league comps here is way to expensive and quite aggro at times + With Work and part time uni i can't find the time to train. I just wanna have fun. In terms of experience i am classed as a tragic (between Club and Pro). I've played all all the way through school and into uni until i blew my knee out and life took over.
06 Apr 2016AdrianMaleNoviceKeen to play on Sunday. Used to play ages ago but bit rusty now.
28 Mar 2016GarethMaleClubVery keen to play in a friendly and social team, don't really mind if we win or lose :)
28 Mar 2016GabeMaleSocial
01 Mar 2016ErikaFemaleSocial
29 Feb 2016jamesMaleSocialPlay, Oztag, netball, hockey, indoor. Just looking to play socially and have some fun, nothing to serious but I do enjoy winning!
16 Feb 2016AlyssaFemaleClub
07 Feb 2016mohamadMaleSocial
04 Feb 2016JessFemaleClub
23 Jan 2016RashmicaFemaleSocial
20 Jan 2016AnthonyMaleClubAvailable anytime on Sunday - Happy to fill-in at any positions - been playing in Brisbane city league for the last 6 years. Usually I play in midfield.
16 Jan 2016ElenaFemaleNoviceNo preference
15 Jan 2016MichaelMaleClubI'm new in town from London England , I played pro In London and France for 2 years when I was 16-18 I have been traveling the world for a while and was looking to get back into football ASAP as I am out of shape and miss the game!
24 Dec 2015MauricioMaleAmateurMainly played futsal. Happy to play in any position.
28 Nov 2015MangkoneMaleClubI've been playing for a club in SA for the past 2 years, moving to Canberra next week. my favorite position is def midfield but i can play any other position on the field
26 Nov 2015DennisMaleSocialAvailable on Sundays. Previously played social games at Centennial Park in Sydney.
22 Nov 2015MelissaFemaleClubLooking to make new friends and be part of a team. Played every year for my highschool team. Can play any position, but mostly defense and sometimes goal keeper. Ready to start and get invlolved !
08 Nov 2015craigMale
03 Nov 2015OscarMaleSocialJust recently moved to Canberra. Looking to get back into the game. Been playing socially for a few years. A little unfit at the moment as has not been playing for a few months. Can play pretty much any position except goalie.
30 Oct 2015Danny MaleSocial
30 Oct 2015NoelleFemaleNoviceI've played a bit of touch... not 100% familiar with soccer rules but love to run around
28 Oct 2015Salvatore 'Sammy'MaleSocialFrom the gunghalin area, have prevoius experience while living in victoria playing state ect. Haven't played for a while but want to get back into it for fitness and make new friends! Keen to play.
27 Oct 2015IsmaelMaleSociali can play any day of the week, I have 15 years of experience and can play any position beside goalkeeper.
25 Oct 2015IanMaleClub
24 Oct 2015EvaFemaleNovice
22 Oct 2015KatyFemaleNoviceNo real experience, but ruthlessly keen and a team player.
22 Oct 2015KatyFemaleNovice
22 Oct 2015DaneMaleNoviceI have played soccer as a kid and indoor as an adult. That was quite a while ago. I am available most Sundays to sub in if a team needs a player.
20 Oct 2015AstridFemaleClubI'm joining Unreal Madrid :)
18 Oct 2015KrisFemaleSocialI've played 11, 7 and 5 a side for the last 10 years, and am friendly, reliable, and happy to play fill-in matches, or whatever suits the team!
14 Oct 2015CasperMaleProI football real good but only sometimes. I make a lot of jokes. Would definitely be an asset/liability to your team :)
09 Oct 2015RohanMaleClubLoved to play soccer was playing for a club for couple of years. Very keen to join a club for summer competition
09 Oct 2015SimonMaleSocialUsed to play with the Socceroonies. 50 years old and playing about 3-4 times a week with ANUFC Masters teams and other comps. Generally play sweeper/defence role. Available most Sundays over summer. Play for fun rather than to win and can't stand players who play for themselves and not the team
06 Oct 2015DanielMaleClubRecently moved over from the UK and keen to play soccer. Was playing a good amateur standard before I moved to Aus and have played a good semi professional standard for a number of years. Keen for a run out and am available whenever needed.
05 Oct 2015kuyanMaleSocialIm keen to play realy soon i played junior soccer for ten years i usually play as midfielder and i can run very fast.
03 Oct 2015AstridFemaleClubI'm a 24-year-old student from Germany and just arrived in Canberra 10 days ago. I've been playing soccer in Germany for about 10 years now. I will stay in Canberra for an internship at ANU until the end of February and would be more than happy about playing soccer now and then. Your Sunday Soccer League sounds like fun and I hope to hear from you! (At the moment I only have my German phone, so please contact me via email, thanks :-) )
01 Oct 2015JennyFemaleSocialAvailable every week. I've been playing indoor for a few years now but keen to get a better run-around on the field :)
01 Oct 2015DanielMaleI Played for Team YMA last season and scored 15 goals. YMA isn't playing the summer comp. I can't commit for the whole season but I'd be keen to roll-in any time.
24 Sep 2015RohanMaleSocialHi, I am interested in joining a team to play. I have prior experience in playing with soccer divisions. Let me know if any place out there to join
22 Sep 2015MarkoMaleSocialHi I'm keen to play in the summer comp. I currently play for a club during the winter season and love playing soccer and meeting new people. Hope to hear from a team :)
17 Sep 2015JakeMaleClub23 yo New to Canberra. Use to play for many years while studying . Versatile player but prefer play on the left flank as left footed.
14 Sep 2015JeroenMaleSocial
04 Sep 2015JasonMaleSocialPlayed for 10 years as a kid. New to Canberra and want to get back into sports!
01 Sep 2015JamesMaleAmateur
23 Aug 2015AnthonyMaleSocial27yo moving to Canberra end of January next year. Looking to join a social soccer group. I'm an average, fairly coordinated player. Right-footed, can play midfield or defence etc.
13 Aug 2015abdulMaleProI eat messi.
13 Aug 2015testMaleProdsdsd
03 Aug 2015PeterMaleClubHi guys please get in touch if you need an extra player for your squad. I love soccer and have played in a mixture of competitive and social leagues. I can slot in to most positions except goalkeeping and am mostly available during the week except Wednesdays and Saturdays. Cheers :)
01 Aug 2015ChrisMale
31 Jul 2015JeroenMaleSocialMay not be available every week. Live on north side.
25 Jul 2015SummerFemaleSocial
25 Jul 2015RaajalMaleAmateurUsed to play regular soccer 5 years ago.. haven't been in action for quite a while but still fit enough to play :)
24 Jul 2015CarolinaFemaleAmateurPlays beach volley ball in Rome. Only played soccer for fun.
19 Jul 2015DamienMaleSocialRegistering to join existing team - game of throw-ins.
13 Jul 2015StuartMaleSocialLooking to join a Sunday league team and get back into soccer! Played 5-a-side back in scotland. Position, striker...
10 Jul 2015MattMaleSocial
04 Jul 2015NinaFemaleSocial
01 Jul 2015KendrahFemaleSocial
27 Jun 2015GabbyFemaleSocialOnly available for the next few Sundays if any team needs another female player.
21 Jun 2015AlannaFemaleNovice
21 Jun 2015GlenMaleNovice
20 Jun 2015JarrodMalePro
09 Jun 2015MelissaFemaleSocialHi Guys I'm looking to play some regular soccer to keep fit, meet people and have some fun. I have played soccer over the years but not for the last 8- 10years. I've played full back and wing previously. Don't really care where I play now, just want to get in there and have some fun.
01 Jun 2015JamesMale
30 May 2015PaitonFemaleNovice
28 May 2015MarkMaleSocialHi, I'm Mark, 26yo male looking for regular/semi-regular soccer matches. Tennis is my no.1 sport but since injuring my elbow, I'm looking for something that doesn't need arms as much! Happy to fill in at short notice, happy to play anywhere including as keeper. Looking forward to hearing from someone!
27 May 2015RohanMaleClubPlayed for years and in this league but team disbanded and looking to get back into it.
22 May 2015DeanaFemaleAmateur
22 May 2015MerishaFemaleSocial
21 May 2015OllieMaleSocialJust looking to get back into soccer again and build fitness and make new friends. I'm 21 and keen to bend it like Beckham!
18 May 2015LachlanMaleNovice
13 May 2015GavinMaleSocialPreviously played sunder Soccer back a few years back as part of Wilson FC. Looking for a team to join for this season as a backup player.
07 May 2015MatraMaleProHi Guys Cultured midfielder looking for a team to play. I usually play futsal in the summer with my friends but in the winter they play outdoor competitively and I am left all alone not playing. I need something to keep me active and keep my fitness level up. In terms of experience i am a tragic. I've played all all the way through school and into uni, until blew my ACL out and life took over.
28 Apr 2015KimMaleProI love to play soccer and make new friends.I would like to join any team. Which team is available for me.
28 Apr 2015MarcusMaleSocialHi! Over from England as an au pair, so I have weekends evenings and school times free. Played 5 a side league in England and before an 11 a side Sunday league team. Just want to play football!
27 Apr 2015BhabindraMaleSocialI have played this tournament around two years ago and I still play each week with my community team so not much problem on fitness. Skill wise, I will consider myself to moderate level and can play midfield, defender and keeper. Occasionally don't mind to play striker but not good for striker roll as defender and midfield.
17 Apr 2015BenMaleSocialI use to play on one of the teams four years ago and took a break to pursue other hobbies. I would like to start getting back into the game. Please email me as the number is fake cheers
06 Apr 2015HelenFemaleNoviceI am a 23 year old female with no experience, but I am keen to join a team and get to know the sport & meet some new people :) I am available weekday evenings and weekends for training/games.
01 Apr 2015AribMaleAmateur
30 Mar 2015PingMaleAmateurI am 53, have played soccer 40 year. Defender & gookeeper. Not skillful, but I am a team player & have experience to read the game. I am very keen to play every weekend. Hope your team have place available for me to join. Thanks.
27 Mar 2015Chris MaleSocialI'd like to join a mixed team (men and women) to play social soccer. I have basic skills but I need to improve my fitness level.
20 Mar 2015ChrisMaleNovice28 Years of age, played a bit but not a lot. Looking to have a bit of fun and get some exercise. I'm a bit compeditive but overall just want to have fun.
18 Mar 2015MaddieFemaleAmateurPlayed for 3 years during school (goal keeper, full back, mid). Assets: very tall.
12 Mar 2015OmarMaleSocial
24 Feb 2015StevenMaleClubI play as goalkeeper. I used to play for my school
15 Feb 2015FrancesFemaleClubNew to Canberra and super keen to find a team. Plenty of experience. A little rusty but eager to get back into it. Up for fill-ins/random games.
08 Feb 2015DimMaleClub
08 Feb 2015NicMaleClub
03 Feb 2015SripadMaleSocialNeed to play soccer as often as possible
02 Feb 2015NathanMaleSocialUsed to play when younger, played throughout highschool casually, keen to get back into it. Have a touch of competitiveness but also enjoy social aspects
29 Jan 2015lauren FemaleSocialI am available to play any time anywhere I am really keen to join a team as I just moved here from Newcastle
24 Jan 2015LeweMaleClubBorn and raised in Germany, always loved playing soccer. Would love to play in a social comp on the weekend. I mostly play midfield, but would go for any other position as well. Cheers!
20 Jan 2015SamMaleSocialPlayed in the Sunday Soccer League from 2007 to 2012 and keen to get back in to it.
14 Jan 2015PatrickMaleClubVery keen to get back into the game after a couple years off. Played for Radford College for 6years
10 Jan 2015ThomasMaleNovice
07 Jan 2015DanielFemaleProThis turned out to be a great sgement. Thank you so much to Jamey Berg and Corey Lewis from the Men's Soccer Club for you willingness to participate. To Tyler and Robbin my camera crew, To Ladan for hair/make-up, To Ryan for editing this piece, and To Justin for supporting me in producing this sgement. Fantastic work everyone.
06 Jan 2015RoseannaFemaleSocialThis post has helped me think things thuogrh
14 Dec 2014Kristina FemaleSocialBalls rebooted
29 Nov 2014BobbyMaleSocial
25 Nov 2014SripadMaleSocialLooking for a team to play with. Have played at decent levels in Canada and Kenya.
23 Nov 2014Pelwinderpal MaleClubHi I'm an international student from singapore looking for a soccer team to play for. I used to play for my schools and colleges back home. I currently play at left back but have played striker in the past as well. I'm available most of the week. Cheers
22 Nov 2014RobMaleClubHi, I have recently emigrated to Canberra and although I've joined a team playing in the indoor league in Kaleen I'm really looking to play outdoors and in a 7-a-side comp. I'm closer to 40 than I like to admit to (about a month away!), and although I can hold my own on a football pitch I'm more interested in enjoying my football, having a laugh in a competitive set up and meeting like minded people than trying out for the Premiership. If there's a chance of anyone needing an extra player I'd really appreciate it if you could bear me in mind. Cheers, Rob
19 Nov 2014DavidMaleSocialHey just wondering if any teams after a player I played indoor soccer 4 times a week in the uk and just moved here to Canberra form alice springs and looking to get back into it just drop me a message or call tanks
17 Nov 2014AndyMaleClubNew to Australia, don't know many people. Played semi-professional in NZ. Had a season off, but itching to get back into it. Can play just about anywhere - except in goal. I work Saturdays so hoping to get my touch in on Sunday league. Back in NZ for Christmas - 18th to the 4th. Will be available all other dates. Let me know if you need a fill in or more of a full time player.
16 Nov 2014NatFemaleSocial
16 Nov 2014SamanthaFemaleSocialTeam Socceroonies
15 Nov 2014sejoonMaleNovice
08 Nov 2014TomMaleAmateurJust keen for a kick around. Used to play when I was younger but haven't in a while.
07 Nov 2014JinsMaleAmateurHappy to play in mixed or mens, any time too
31 Oct 2014KENGMaleSocialI play forward and center midfield and my team I use to play with is LEON U-13-U19.. SPEED
25 Oct 2014DylanMale
22 Oct 2014Bhabindra (Bhabi)MaleClubI played two years ago in this league but want to play again. I like to play in defence and midfield.
16 Oct 2014YogeshMaleClubFull time student at Edith Cowan University, am from Mauritius. play behind the striker preferably but can also play in any midfield position generally.
15 Oct 2014ClaudioMaleClubAvailable to play. I normally play in the winter competition as a forward, mid and would like to play in the summer comp.
15 Oct 2014EliseFemaleSocialPlayed for about 14 years in Adelaide
14 Oct 2014MarkoMaleSocialI play for Belwest Foxes State 10s and currently in a 6 a side comp on Tuesday's
07 Oct 2014OraFemaleSocial
04 Oct 2014GiorgioMaleSocial I will be available all October and November!
01 Oct 2014AndrewMaleSocialHi, I'm looking for a social soccer team this summer. I played around div 5 mens for 5 years but haven't played the last two seasons due to injuries and laziness. I'm currently limited to playing every second sunday due to work, but if you're looking to bolster your squad I'm keen to play on my off weeks. Generally a defender but happy to play anywhere. Thanks Andrew
30 Sep 2014KimMaleAmateurSummer season game, I am keen to play and join with any team, which is available. Pick me....!
30 Sep 2014KimMaleSummer season, I would like to play with any team, which is available for me to join in....!
19 Sep 2014ZoeFemaleAmateur
14 Sep 2014EwanMaleNovice
10 Sep 2014TiarneFemaleSocial
03 Sep 2014HelenFemaleNovice22 y/o female with no experience but interest in joining a team, preferably in Lyneham or nearby suburbs.
17 Aug 2014CasperMaleClubBeen in London for last two years. Keen for a kickabout. I'd say I'm pretty good. Pick me and I'll be your friend :)
15 Aug 2014DanielMaleSocial
10 Aug 2014zaneMaleSocialNever played before other than school soccer and school soccer team and second best goalkeeper in the school.
05 Aug 2014VincentMaleSocial17 year old who hasn't played soccer in two years. Should be available most Sundays. Looking for a team who are about fun, while constantly improving.
03 Aug 2014GlenMaleNovice
03 Aug 2014PeterMaleAmateur
23 Jul 2014AlexiaFemaleI will be joining 'the phong must be crazy' team
13 Jul 2014TimothyMaleSocialnot too shaby and have played off and on over the years. am pretty reliable and a good sport.
13 Jul 2014TimothyMaleSocialnot too shaby and have played off and on over the years. am pretty reliable and a good sport.
12 Jul 2014RyanMaleClubLooking to get a game. Played at a high level in Scotland
22 Jun 2014Salvatore SamMaleSocialMoved from Melbourne, in my younger years played super league, and briefly for Victoria but this was years ago so little rusty! Keen to meet new ppl and play a fun game of soccer every Sunday! Midfield / right wing position. Special skills: Italian :-p
14 Jun 2014TayFemaleClubHi! Keen bean ex-premier league player looking to have a run, kick and some fun!
05 Jun 2014MarkMaleSocialJust looking to have a bit of a run around, and meet new people. Haven't played for a few years, so will probably be a bit rusty (and slow!) to begin with. Leftie! FIFO worker so have a limited availability but give me a bell anyway!
31 May 2014JohnMaleSocial
23 May 2014KimMaleProI am keen to play with any team. Which is available for me and others.
23 May 2014KimMaleProI am interested to play with you guys and meet new people.I am keen to play soccer. Many thanks to All.
21 May 2014SamMaleSocialAttacking mid / right wing
11 May 2014Muhd ShafiqMaleAmateur51 yrs still love playing social soccer on weekend. Ex Malaysian Air Force player. Position mid field.
10 May 2014EvanMaleClubHi, I'm a Sunday Soccer regular but I fear my usual team, Harimau, won't be registering for this upcoming season. I've played for years in this comp. Can play goalie or wherever needed. Available to play most weekends, but also cool to be an irregular player in emergencies. Enthusiastic player who gets into the spirit of this social comp.
07 May 2014MarkMaleSocialHi. I played socially in this competition a couple of years ago but have stuck with tennis since - I'm better at it, to be honest! Am happy to play in any position and am very reliable - just want to have a good run around each week and will always give my best.
07 May 2014MattMaleAmateurSpecial Skills: Can make a pretty damn good taco chili. Also played in the under 7's Westlawn Tigers who, if I recall correctly, participated in a soccer competition.
06 May 2014MatraMaleProLooking to play for a bit of a laugh and fitness. Im a footballing tragic - more Michael Carrick than ronaldinho though. Played all the way through pee wees up until mens when i blew my knee out and got tubby. I play futsal in the summer so not rusty at all.
06 May 2014jackMaleSocialPlayed for a few years back at school but havnt played in a while. Looking to get back into it.
05 May 2014FarooqMaleSocialAvailable any time on Sundays. During July only availabe after 5.30pm for a couple of weeks. Play a little indoor soccer
24 Apr 2014stevenMaleSocialIm 22 and I can play any position
07 Apr 2014LukeMaleSocialHi, my name is Luke and I'm looking to get out more and play sports. I'm american and I love basketball, but I play soccer once a week with some coworkers already. I'm hoping to play outside of work and hopefully meet new friends. I'm super friendly and try to be nice to everyone. I'm not great at soccer but i do know how to play and I'm falling in love with the sport. I'm available anytime after 6 on the weekdays and free on the weekends. I hope to hear from you soon. Cheers!
06 Apr 2014Jason KarlMaleClub
06 Apr 2014MelFemaleSocialfree any day of the week just to play some soccer! used to play competitive outdoors in the past few seasons. Special skills: leftie!
30 Mar 2014ElizabethFemaleAmateur
11 Mar 2014MauriceMaleAmateurStarted playing about 8 in the UK then did other stuff till I was about 29, and have been playing 5 a-side occasionally ever since. I'm a midfielder, don't have any particular tricks, but I read the game ok. I may have the brain of a puppy; I'm really quite happy if there's nothing much more to life than chasing a ball around until it's time to go back to sleep again.
11 Mar 2014BenMaleAmateur
02 Mar 2014Georgia FemaleAmateurPewmas
02 Mar 2014KateFemaleSocialPewms
01 Mar 2014DanielleFemaleNoviceI like piŮa coladas and getting caught in the rain. I don't have any particular "special skills" per se, but I do have a nice smile and a penchant for chasing balls.
09 Feb 2014DCMaleProStarted playing soccer in the UK from around age 7, played in club 11 aside for 12 years, which included playing for Shropshire county and in a mini World Cup in Holland... This of course was before the invent of mobile phones. Sines then I have played social and work 5 asides. I believe I still process the skills and vision, maybe not so much the fitness...this I why I want to play as I don't see it as exercise, just fun..therefore I'll not give up and get bored like I do at the gym. I'm easy going and a team player, who has the passion and skills to benefit any team. So pick me to be your new team member :) Dc
09 Feb 2014PhilMaleClubJust move to NC have played all my life and captained my Sunday league team in Tampa to the last two season championship before I moved. Looking to get involved as soon as possible
09 Feb 2014LisaFemaleNoviceJoining The Rosettas
06 Feb 2014SripadMaleSocialHave played all my life. Have recently moved to canberra. Not in the best shape at the moment but am working on it
03 Feb 2014DylanMaleAmateurHey I am keen to play some social soccer. I am very much a beginner and pretty unfit so want to get in shape! I played a bit at school and socially with friends, but thats about it
20 Jan 2014WahidMaleClub
19 Jan 2014MichaelMaleSocial
16 Jan 2014GlenMaleSocialHi, I'd be keen to play in Div 2. I've played previously. I have good skills for Div 2 but am not the most fit player.
03 Jan 2014NickMaleSocialHi, Haven't played for quite a while but am super keen to get back in to the game I love to play. Not very fit ( that will improve) or skill full (that may never improve) but persistent and keen. Suited to mid field and defensive positions (right or centre preferred).
25 Nov 2013simon MaleClubjust arrived in Canberra, want to keep fit and have a fun social game of footy(soccer)